Casting Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four

With Matthew Vaughn coming on board as a producer, and Seth Grahame-Smith touching up the script, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot has been in the news the past couple weeks. It’s not set to be released until March 2015, so there’s likely not to be any news on casting for a while, but we’re not the type to let that stop us from throwing out our suggestions early.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Reed Richards

Benedict Cumberbatch is doing pretty well for himself in England already, and he’s becoming a major star here in the states. His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on Sherlock shows that he can pull off genius believably. He’s also easy to relate to and carries a certain every man type of feel that would work well as Reed Richards, while commanding the screen and coming off like a natural born leader like Mr. Fantastic. He’s absolutely a leading man capable of carrying a franchise. Not to mention, I have a feeling Star Trek Into Darkness will put him on the good side of every nerd on the planet.

Suggested work to check out: Sherlock

Abbie Cornish as Sue Storm

Abbie Cornish is an incredibly gifted actress, which is instantly an upgrade over the previous film version of Sue. She brings a natural toughness that makes her characters strong females instantly, while at the same time showing a natural vulnerability that one would expect from someone whose world has just drastically changed.

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Joel Edgerton as Ben Grimm

¬†Sometimes there are actors that just seem like they were born to be in a superhero movie at some point. Joel Edgerton is one of them. He was David Slade’s choice to play Daredevil in his failed reboot, and his name was also floated around as Star Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy. He’s got the physicality of a hero, and a certain intensity that comes with everything he does. Along with that, he’s also an incredible actor. He’s a leading man, but so naturally enjoyable that he’s believable as a best friend/sidekick. He and Cumberbatch would be fun to watch interacting with each other pre-transformation. Unlike the last go-round, The Thing should be motion capture this time, which Edgerton would also be perfect for.

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Ryan Kwanten as Johnny Storm

Pretty much the only bright spot of the previous films was Chris Evans as Johnny Storm. He brought a natural swagger and arrogance while being likeable enough not to come off like a gigantic douche. Those happen to be a lot of the same qualities that make Ryan Kwanten’s portrayal of Jason Stackhouse on True Blood so fun to watch. He just comes off like a fun person who enjoys having fun, but he also has the acting chops to tackle some of the deeper stuff Johnny Storm has to deal with. Age-wise, he doesn’t match up perfectly with Abbie Cornish, but I think there’s enough other stuff going on to get us to suspend our disbelief enough that we can all get past that.

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Jason Clarke as Victor von Doom

Jason Clarke is another actor whose going to be a household name very soon. He brings a certain intellect and intensity to his characters that would work perfectly as Dr. Doom. He can perfectly portray the helpful do-gooder that doesn’t surprise you one bit to find out has an evil side. He equally believable as a hero or villain, and whichever one he is, you want him on your side.

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Andy Serkis as Mole Man 

It’s hard to have a Fantastic Four movie without Victor von Doom being involved, but that doesn’t mean Dr. Doom has to be the only villain, or even a villain at all to start. So why not go old school and throw in one of their oldest enemies? Andy Serkis is used to distorting his body while being the master of motion capture, why not let him do it on screen. With enough contortionism and makeup, there’s no reason Serkis can’t pull off Mole Man on screen. He’s talented beyond motion capture and could be an incredible villain. It’d be pretty cool to see him in action.

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