Ep: 51 Snyder Remarks

Movies On UP! – Ep51: Snyder Remarks

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Quality over quantity on news stories this week as the boys discuss, in great detail, whether Ed Helms should drop the F-bomb on vacation, if Zack Snyder should join the Justice League and if Wal-Mart’s plan to use Superman to take over the movie world will work.  Dave professes his love for Lee Pace and Ratchet & Clank.  Ryan tells you what he would give Zach Braff money for on Kickstarter and his theory of how Sly picked his Expendables 3 director.  Good news, we just got green-lit for another episode.

Quite a varied group of trailers this week from the mighty Thor to teenage jewelry thieves in The Bling Ring, The East’s eco-terrorists, Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes, Jess Weixler gives away Free Samples to Jessie Eisenberg, mighty giant robots patrolling the Pacific Rim and a mustached Paul Rudd painting road lines with Prince Avalanche.

Last call for your submissions for our Box Office Bash summer box office contest.  The draft episode is coming up at the end of the week.  Send your top 5 picks to moviesonup@gmail.com.

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