Ep14: A Fire Inside

Movies On UP! – Ep14: A Fire Inside

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This week, Ryan and Dave take a look at the recently released Top 10 Films Of All Time from Sight and Sound and the BFI  and compare it to the list the AFI compiled in 2007.  They also tackle plenty of news, a handful of trailers, and box office results, along with their box office predictions and weekly suggestions.

News Stories this week include: Ghostbusters 3, The Gunslinger, Batman, Christian Bale, Prometheus, Lee Daniels, He-Man, Peter Mayhew,  Bad Santa 2, World Of Warcraft, Guardians Of The Galaxy, X-Men, Cameron Crowe, Abe Lincoln, Kristen Stewart, Russell Brand, Thor, The Great Gatsby, Seven Psychopaths, and more!

Trailers: Nobody Walks, Cockneys vs. Zombies, The Big Wedding, Backwards, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Killing Them Softly, The Paperboy, Paranormal Activity 4, Skyfall, and The Revenant.

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Thanks to The Champions of All Time for the theme music. It comes from the song “Home” off the CD/DVD Bridges Burned/Lessons Learned.

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