Ep26: Scare War$

Movies On UP! – Ep26: Scare War$

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This week, Ryan, Kevin, and Dave wrap up their October horror specials and talk a good bit about the big Disney/Star Wars news, and cover other stories involving X Men, Bradley Cooper, Heather Langenkamp, Oscar release date positioning, and more. Also, trailers make a return as they take a look at the new trailers for Evil Dead and Doc Of The Dead. They also continue their October Horror goodness as they wrap up their October Madness tourney by letting Fulci, Argento, Carpenter, and Craven duke it out in the final four. And they take a look at the future of horror by giving their favorite up and coming horror directors and discussing which non-horror directors they’d love to see enter the genre. Plus, box office, new releases, suggestions, and plenty more!

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