Ep29: Breaking the Bank

Movies On UP! – Ep29: Breaking the Bank

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Ryan and Dave honor the contributions of the Native Americans by giving a million thanks to the listeners, each other, and a bunch of other movie-related items.  In other movie-related item-news, Twilight made several million dollars.  They boys discuss the series final installment and place it in the pantheon of great sagas-right next to Star Wars, which is where Ryan starts this, and seemingly almost every show.

Perhaps the heir-apparant to Twilight, City of Bones makes an appearance in Trailers along with The Heat, A, B, C’s of Death and gush about a possible charm-splosion in Admission.

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Thanks to The Champions of All Time for the theme music. It comes from the song “Home” off the CD/DVD Bridges Burned/Lessons Learned.

And a BIG thanks to Morgan for our fly, new logo.


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