Ep44: It’s the End of the Pod as We Know It!

Movies On UP! – Ep44:  It’s the End of the Pod as We Know It!

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Of course we’re not going anywhere.  We’ve got nowhere else to go!  Dave and I will be changing up formats next week, so for one last ride it’s news (mostly of a Sam Raimi variety)  Oz sequel, Evil Dead sequel(s), new/old projects for Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Levine, a new name for an old project from Joey Gordon Levitt, and a new project from a new director-Jon Stewart.

In honor of the upcoming Vacation pre-sequel, Ryan and Dave list their top 5 vacation/road trip movies of all times.

Mix in a mostly good crop of trailers including To the Wonder, The Bling Ring, Hangover 3, After Earth, Iron Man 3, Much Ado About Nothing and Rapturepalooza (see above).

Enjoy the old format while it’s here and get hyped for twice as much Movies On Up next week! (kind of)

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