Ep55: JGL J’nO On The C

Movies On UP! – Ep55: JGL J’nO On The C

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This week on Movies on UP!,  Ryan and Dave talk about how fast and furiously people were going to the movies this weekend, double the Quicksilver, Efron making the McAvoy turn, Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, Tom Cruise leaving Guy Richie’s spy movie, a Timecop reboot, and the potential of Spike Jonze’s next movie!

They then cover a TON of trailers. They take second looks at Grown Ups 2, Maniac, Rush, The World’s End, and Byzantium then take first looks at Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, As Cool As You Are, Scenic Route, Blood Ties, A Field In England, Don Jon, Delivery Man, and We’re The Millers.

Tune in later this week for the discussion episode where the guys give their favorite movies set mostly in one location.

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