Ep58: Rotten Word of Mouff

Movies On UP! – Ep58: Rotten Word of Mouff

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The Man of Steel is here breakin faces and box office records.  This prompts a State of the Justice League debate and Ryan laments passing on Superman to see Superbad-at-the-end-of-the-world.  Ubi Soft has big plans to crank out more movies based off its games with the help of podfave, Michael Bay.  Ryan and Dave try to cast the live action Little Mermaid and write the Purge 3-7.

A magically great crop of trailers with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Only God Forgives, Elysium, 300: Rise of an Empire, Snowpiercer, Touchy Feely, Magic Magic, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, In a World, Spook Central and The Wolf of Wall Street.  That’s a lot of colons.

Check back later this week for a discussion episode that is out of this world: our favorite movies with aliens as main characters (that take place on Earth (I know)).

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Morgan, I still like our old fly logo.  One is silver, the other gold.

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