Ep61: A Monster Week with Movies on Up!

Movies On UP! – Ep61: Number 61 the Hard Way

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With Comic-Con looming in San Diego, Ryan and Dave run down the weekend’s festivities as it relates to film.  They not so secretly reveal inner desires for trailers to premiere for RoboCop and Godzilla.  Maybe some Ant Man for good measure as well.

A healthy dose of trailers spanning Asian meth slingers in Drug War, Vince Vaughn slinging his seed in Delivery Man, same sex parenting with The Boxtrolls, mishandling a terrible premise with Baggage Claim, spending an Afternoon Delight with Juno Temple, and trailers from Pod-faves Kevin Hart and Kristen Bell.

Later on this week, check back for a monstrous list of our favorite monster movies.

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Morgan, I still like our old fly logo.  One is silver, the other gold.

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