Gotta Get Killed on Friday

Movies On UP! – Discussion: Favorite Friday the 13ths

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Because I couldn’t help it, our list episode right out of the shoot this week.  Damn the proton torpedos, Jason waits for nobody!  In case you’re calendar-ly challenged, this Friday is Friday the 13th!  As is my tradition, I’ll be watching the exploits of Jason and Dave had indulged me by making it our list episode for the week.  Almost a mathematical impossibility, we manage to only have one movie that finds itself on both of our lists.  Listen up to find out what it is, if you dare…

Thanks to The Champions of All Time for the theme music.  It comes from the song “Home” off the CD/DVD Bridges Burned/Lessons Learned.

And a BIG thanks to Morgan Jim Cole for our fly, new logo.

Morgan, I still like our old fly logo.  One is silver, the other gold.

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