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Movies On UP! – Favorite Nicolas Cage Movies

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Don’t get left behind, listen up for a top 5 list of our favorite Nicolas Cage flicks.  Fans of Johnny Blaze might be a bit fired up to hear that we’ve left both Ghost Rider flicks off.  Find out what made the cut!

Love, sex, dead bodies…have we hooked you yet?  If we haven’t how about I throw in some good old fashioned movie discussion about the oldest profession?  Because Chloe Grace Moretz may, or may not, play a hooker in The Equalizer (in theaters tomorrow) we list our five favorites featuring ladies and gentlemen of the night.

Thanks to The Champions of All Time for the theme music.  It comes from the song “Home” off the CD/DVD Bridges Burned/Lessons Learned.  Also check out the new release from former TCOAT frontman and current Movies on Up Continuity Policeman, Jason West here.

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