Up to the Century Mark!

Movies On UP! – 50 Faves from the Last 50 Years

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It’s the 100th episode of Movies on Up!  What better way to celebrate than with a list episode with 100 movies?  Seriously, if there was a better way, you all should have suggested it weeks ago.  Ryan and Dave count down their top 50 movies from the last 50 years and in true Movies on Up style, that list has more than 100 movies on it.  See if we’ve chosen yours!

Thanks to all the listeners (both of you) that have given us a reason to keep these podcasts coming.  If it weren’t for you all, Dave and I would probably never talk and he’d actually be a father to his children.  Thanks again.

The Champions of All Time for the theme music.  It comes from the song “Home” off the CD/DVD Bridges Burned/Lessons Learned.

And a BIG thanks to Morgan Jim Cole for our fly, new logo.

Morgan, I still like our old fly logo.  One is silver, the other gold.

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