Who Should Be The Next Batman?

With DC / Warner Bros. announcement this weekend at San Diego Comic Con that the sequel to Man Of Steel will involve Superman and Batman in some capacity, it’s easy for fans to let their minds start running with who should be the next Bruce Wayne. And with a Summer 2015 release date, the studio and director Zack Snyder will need to make their mind up sooner rather than later on who they want to see wear the cape and cowl.

So, of course we have our own opinions…

The Obvious Choice, But Won’t Happen

Michael Fassbender 

Is there a more perfect Bruce Wayne on the planet than Michael Fassbender? Incredibly handsome, physically imposing, an amazing actor fully capable of action and character depth, and a bankable star. But, this is the sequel to Man Of Steel, which is Henry Cavill’s movie. Fassbender would outshine Superman in every way possible. Not to mention, he’s already found comic book success of his own with Magneto.

More Likely Options (in alphabetical order)

Eion Bailey
When casting Superman, they went with a relative unknown with some success already in Henry Cavill. Eion Bailey fits that mold as well. He appeared poised to breakout in the early 2000’s, with appearances in Fight Club, Almost Famous, and Band Of Brothers, but since then he’s done mostly TV with regular stints on Once Upon A Time, Covert Affairs, and Dirty Little Secret. He also has some history with Batman, as he was one of the final eight actors Christopher Nolan was considering for the lead in Batman Begins before going with Christian Bale.

Matt Bomer
Bomer, like Bailey, has had most of his success come from the TV side.  He leads the enjoyable White Collar with pure charm, and lead the failed Traveler, as well as solid arcs on Chuck and Tru Calling. But he has had recent success on the big screen with a brief but well done appearance in In Time and a solid role in Magic Mike. While his star power could escalate quickly if he lands the lead in 50 Shades Of Grey, he seems poised to breakout eventually anyways. He also seems built for a superhero movie, whether it be Batman or other. He also has the voice for it, which DC has already noticed, casting him as the voice of Superman in Superman: Unbound. 

Hugh Dancy
Hugh Dancy has a worked mostly in movies, especially compared to the first two, with Black Hawk Down, King Arthur, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Our Idiot Brother, and what should have been a star making turn in Adam, on his resume so far. He’s currently in the TV world, leading the incredibly well done, depressingly under watched Hannibal. Based on Adam and Hannibal alone, he brings an amazing ability to hold darkness inside him. He’s got the range to make an amazingly compelling Bruce Wayne, and the talent to earn the benefit of the doubt that he can handle the physicality of Batman. Also, like Bailey, he was one of the final eight in Nolan’s casting process for Batman Begins.

Robert Kazinsky
Robert Kazinsky is a bit more rough and gritty and less pretty boy than the previous suggestions, but still handsome enough to pull off Bruce Wayne. He’s a relative unknown for now, but with a recent run on True Blood, and appearances in Red Tails and Pacific Rim, his star seems to be on the way up. He could make for a perfect opposite to Cavill’s Superman.

John Krasinski
Bare with me here. Sure, he’s Jim from the Office. Sure, he’s pretty well known. Sure, we haven’t seen him do action yet. But, does he not look like a millionaire playboy? But with strong performances in Jarhead, Away We Go, Promised Land, and Nobody Walks, he’s proven himself a more than capable movie actor. He was also very close to landing the role of Captain America before Chris Evans got the part, so there are some qualified people out there convinced he can handle action. He’s also so natural and charming that he could add a lot of humor that Man Of Steel was lacking without trying too hard.

Alexander Skarsgard
This one may be a little more out of the box than the rest, but darken his hair and put him in a suit and do you not see Bruce Wayne? He’s got a natural swagger and confidence that just fits, and is physically imposing even before stepping into a suit. Most known for True Blood, he’s also been busy on the big screen lately, leading the upcoming Tarzan, as well as The East, Melancholia, Straw Dogs, What Maisie Knew, and Battleship. He’s a very gifted actor with the look of a playboy and the body of a superhero.

Thoughts on any or all of these? Terrible? Can you see it? Who would you like to see that we missed?

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